LEIF(kolt) // 8===D (2011)
-presented by Tidepool Music -

They Called Me Faggot
Afraid of Growing Sold ft. Ecid
The Man Who Couldn't Afford Glasses ft. iD the Poet & Skobie Won
Code Ring
Naughty Bits
Glass Elevator ft. Erik Lamb
Reigning Gold ft. Kristoff Krane
Run Don't Work ft. Griefshare, Philmeeh, & Kahil
Unquenchable Thirst ft. DRNickel Produced by DRNickel
Green Acres ft. DuhJuanYay
superCRASH ft. Rick Chyme
Bonus Track: OE and Ramen ft. Detta Produced by iD the Poet

Bat Wing Throat Bling Records ©2011
Executive Producers Kurt Kohnen & LEIF(kolt)
All songs produced by LEIF(kolt) unless otherwise noted.
Mixed and masterd at Bat Wing Throat Bling Records

Thanks to those of you who make me not want to kill myself.

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